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Our proprietary inspection software allows us to produce findings of the state of your paths & external areas in a clean and easy to understand report. Full data of every single trip hazard identified is provided for full transparency

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Key Features Of Your
Trip Hazard Report

We’re flexible and can present your trip hazard report in a custom format that suits you. We have the ability to integrate into your GIS and encourage collaboration.


Risk Profile

We categorise each hazard into a risk profile based on the size of the hazard. We can also design a risk profile based on other factors which may be more suitable for your needs.


Options and Data-Driven Decisions

Our reports are easy to digest, ensuring you gain a quick snapshot of the data, allowing you to make informed decisions to suit your budget. You control the next course of action.


Free Consult/Report Review

You will be assigned a Trip Hazard Specialist from our team to run through the findings of the report and answer any queries or technical questions you may have.

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How can you be sure that you will have an option for my budget?

Our trip hazard reports provide you with flexible options always. Additionally, should none of the options suit your budget, we can fully customise an option to the exact dollar amount you would like to spend and prioritise the highest risk hazards up to that amount.

Why are your reports so flexible/ customisable?

Concrete and asphalt trip hazards are a real problem, and too often our services are requested reactively (after a trip and fall incident has occurred). We are passionate about safety and accessibility and want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to undertake trip hazard repair works no matter how small their budget. At least a small amount of repairs is better than none! We want to help ensure these works are practical and actionable for you every time.

How long should I wait to act on my trip hazard inspection report?

We are happy for you to take your time to consider the options we give you. We know that every approval process is different… But remember, it is better to act on the repairs while the inspection data is still fresh. The sooner we remove your trip hazards, the sooner your footpaths and external area will be DDA compliant and safe from trips, falls and accidents!

Can you integrate with my GIS?

Yes absolutely. We can slot our inspection data into your GIS for an even easier report experience.

What if I have another suggestion for my footpath other than the recommendations in your report?

That is totally fine. Collaboration is the key, and that is why we offer a free post-inspection consultation. Often clients want to exclude specific hazards from the repair lists for various valid reasons, and that is fine. Our proprietary software allows us to input your requested data change and produce a new and customisable report for you with just a few clicks.

How long does the free post-inspection phone consult and report review take?

Easy. As long as you want! Typically it is somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes. But we are happy to dive as deep as you want and take as long as you need.

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If you have questions or would like to a free consultation, please complete the brief form on our contact page.