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We proactively remove external trip hazards on paths and external surfaces quickly and cost effectively.

Partner with Safe Footpaths for specialised external trip hazard Inspections, Reports & Repairs.

We use a unique slicing repair method that transforms even the most dangerous path and external surfaces to become more accessible, compliant and safe.

Jared inspecting sidewalk
Adult walking on the sidewalk
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Obvious trip hazard on the sidewalk
After picture of the sidewalk
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Aerial view
Jared inspecting sidewalk
Adult walking on the sidewalk

Why are Trip Hazard Repairs Important?

Footpaths should be safe and accessible for all. Trips & Falls are the largest cases of personal injury in Australia.

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What Causes Trip Hazards?

There are several factors that lead to path and external surface movement that create trip hazard liabilities. Some of these include tree roots, changing seasons, different soil types and a lack of routine maintenance. Take a look at this quick animation video on the right which sums up our objective of proactively preventing trip and fall incidents.

Sidewalk hazardFix to the sidewalk

Before vs After

Every concrete and asphalt trip hazard is unique and requires a subtly varied approach when repaired to ensure a DDA compliant, clean and smooth finish. We do these repairs all day, every day and consistently deliver a great outcome.

Take a look at this trip hazard image (use the cursor slider)

On the left, there is an obvious trip hazard with an uneven/raised & dangerous surface. On the right, you can see the greatly improved result of our slicing repair rectification works.

Our market-leading repairs deliver a safe and clean finish with a gradual slope/ gradient for improved accessibility. All this for only a fraction of the cost of replacement and ineffective grinding!

What sets us apart?

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Unique Slicing Rectification Method

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